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Woven Italian silk Damask, Dominie men’s necktie collection combines superior quality and luxury in contemporary and classic handcrafted ties.

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Star White, Dew Off White, Alloy, Celery 1Green, Emerald Green, Celery 2Green, True Blue, Crown 1Jewel Purple, Crown 2Jewel Purple, Rio Red, Midnight 1Platinum, Midnight 1Black, Black Cherry, Celery 3Green, Crown 3Jewel Purple, Midnight 2Black, Celery 4Green, Crown 4Jewel Purple, Midnight 2Platinum, Crown 5Jewel Purple, Stretch Limo Black, Celery 5Green, Horizon Blue White/Green Striped, Horizon Blue Dotted Yellow, Buttercup Yellow White/Blue Striped, Buttercup Yellow Dotted Blue, Billiard Green White Striped, Billiard Green Dotted Blue, Pink White/Lime Striped, Pink Dotted Blue Green, Billiard 1Green White Striped, Horizon 1Blue Dotted Yellow, Billiard Green Dotted 1Blue, Buttercup 1Yellow Dotted Blue, Pink 1Dotted Blue Green, Buttercup Yellow White/Blue 1Striped, Buttercup 11Yellow Dotted Blue, Billiard 11Green Dotted Blue, Pink 2Dotted Blue Green, Horizon Blue 2Dotted Yellow


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